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Cadet Candidates Are Evaluated by Selection Board for NCSA

January 18, 2020

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By 2d Lt Maranjely Mercado, Lt Col Elsa M. Soto-Torres Cadet Sq., Puerto Rico Wing


Carolina, PR - On Saturday, January 18, 2020 was held the National Cadet Special Activities Selection Board in two locations simultaneously, in the facilities of Muñiz ANG Base and the ANG 141st Air Control Squadron at Carolina and Aguadilla, respectively.

Participants were evaluated for recommendations to the directors of the activities they applied. These activities are designed to explore civilian and military aerospace careers, provide flight training, develop leadership, and enhance emergency services skills.

The evaluations included aspects of cadet life, such as an Aerospace Education Written Exam, an Individual Uniform Inspection, a Physical Fitness Test and a professional interview conducted in English.


The top 5 most applied activities were:

1-Flight Academy

2-National Blue Beret

3-Honor Guard Academy


5-AF Civil Engineering Academy


The highest AE Test scores (by location) were:


C/2d Lt Xavier Álvarez SER-PR-094 80%

C/Lt Col Michael Brito SER-PR-123 65%

C/CMSgt Valeria Pacheco SER-PR-161 65%



C/Lt Col Jennifer Torres SER-PR-035 85%

C/1st Lt Khyle Santiago SER-PR-035 60%

C/1st Lt Daniel A. Quiñones SER-PR-002 60%



The highest Uniform Inspection scores (by location) were:


C/Lt Col Michael Brito SER-PR-123 90 pts.

C/SSgt Victor Rodz SER-PR-126 86 pts.

C/CMSgt Javier Adorno SER-PR-094 86 pts.



C/Lt Col Roberto Álmodovar SER-PR-120 100 pts.

C/2d Lt Stacey Lyann Tosado SER-PR-066 100 pts.

C/1st Lt Alberto Torres SER-PR-035 98 pts.


The activity was directed by Lt Col Rafael Martinez, PR Wing Activities Officer in Carolina and Capt. Freddy Del Toro in Aguadilla.


For video interviews: CLICK HERE

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