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Uniform of the Day

Uniform of the Day

As per CAPM 39-1 the following uniforms will use by cadets, senior members or any military service guest: 

General Assembly and Seminar (Break-Out session)

Saturday for General Assembly and Seminars: Service Uniforms, CAP Blazer Combination, Services Dress (Blue) & Aviation White T-Shirt, Corporate Uniforms and USAF short-sleeve blues.


Saturday Banquet: Mess Dress, Service Dress (with jacket), USAF long or short-sleeve blues, corporate equivalent (with jacket), or civilian Business formal for female gown and for males tuxedo.

For Cadets: Semi-Formal, Class A or Appropriate Civilian Attire. Females: dresses, evening dresses, formal evening gowns are authorized in addition to the uniforms above.

IMPORTANT: Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU’s), Airman Battle Uniform (ABU’s), Flight Suit or CAP Polo Shirt with gray slacks will be not authorized for wear during any of the conference events.

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