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Q. How do I apply for a specialty track?

A. All requests to enroll, update and approve a member’s specialty track rating are now done online thru eServices. Access to this restricted application is tied to duty assignment and the associated web permissions. Unit professional development officers, personnel officers, administrative officers, vice commanders, and commanders may request updates to their member’s specialty track assignments and ratings. On the eServices webpage, in the right-hand column---Restricted Applications---go to “Specialty Track” at the bottom. Select the member, specialty track, rating (None, Technician, Senior, Master) and date completed. Once submitted, the request is sent to the member’s commander to be approved or disapproved in Commander’s Corner.

Q. How do I apply for professional development awards?

A. Requests for senior member professional development awards should be submitted to California Wing Headquarters via e-mail. Units are encouraged to use the electronic version of CAPF24, since this saves paper, processing time and effort, and speeds up the turn-around time for awards certificates. As the new Request PD Awards module in eServices becomes better known, unit professional development officers will be encouraged to use this method. We will continue to accept the traditional paper CAPF 24, but this will delay the process.

Q. Where can I find information about the next scheduled Squadron Leadership School or Corporate Learning Course?

A. Check the Puerto Rico Wing Event Calendar for upcoming courses and activities. We also encourage you to subscribe to group and wing email lists, where upcoming courses are announced.

Q. How long does it take for SLS or CLC to appear in eServices?

A. The course director has 14 days to submit CAPF 11 (Director’s Report) to NHQ/DP. Often, this is done within a week. Once NHQ/DP receives the report, it usually only takes a day or two for them to enter the names into eServices.

Q. Why doesn’t my eServices record show that I attended Squadron Leadership School?

A. The most common reason is that you didn’t meet the published prerequisites for SLS: complete Level I and be enrolled in a Level II specialty track (at any rating: none, tech, senior or master). Start by talking to your unit professional development officer, who will make sure the prerequisites are recorded in eServices. Then contact the SLS Course Director or Puerto Rico Wing Director of Professional Development, who can re-submit the CAPF 11 (Director’s Report).

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