(SER-PR-001) Puerto Rico Wing
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Manages and directs the CAP professional development program. They shall:

  • Create a positive unit training environment where CAP’s adult members can develop their required skills in a comfortable, professional atmosphere.

  • Instruct the Level I Foundations Course to ensure that all new adult members receive a thorough orientation and have properly assimilated into the unit.

  • Make adult members aware of training material and opportunities available to them through CAP and other sources to prepare them to perform operational missions, staff assignments and other assigned duties.

  • Encourage and assist adult members to take advantage of all appropriate training.

  • Help ensure that CAP provides the best quality training with sufficient availability to support CAP's missions

  • Apply all directives applicable to professional development programs as necessary.

  • Comprehend the structure of the CAP professional development program and its component programs, activities and events. Ensure quick and easy access to applicable forms, directives and instructions.

  • Maintain a unit training library.

  • Assist unit members in proper completion and processing of forms if needed.

  • Maintain unit training records regarding professional development activities.

  • Assure proper test administration and security for the unit’s adult members.

  • Correctly prepare documentation in support of training awards for the commander’s review.

  • Submit applications for awards, ensure they are processed in a timely fashion and presented appropriately

  • Coordinate member training accomplishments with other members of the staff.

  • Mentor PD officers at subordinate units if applicable.

The professional development officer should be familiar with CAPP 204, CAPR 50-17 and other directives in the 35, 39, 50, 52, 200, 280, and 900 series.

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