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Chief of Staff Support

Chief of Staff Support

Lt Col Samuel Rivera joined Civil Air Patrol as Puerto Rico Wing Cadet in February 2002, earning the General Ira C. Eaker Award in December 2005. Following his transition to senior membership his assignments included Squadron Commander at Capt Saulo Solis-Molina Cadet Squadron, Group Commander at Group 7 HQ, Group Cadet Programs Officer, Group Finance Officer & Group Deputy Commander at Group 4, Wing Director of Aerospace Education, Wing Director of Administration, Wing Director of Personnel, Wing Assistant Inspector General, Wing Assistant Director of Cadet Programs, Wing Chairperson Award Review Board, Wing Chairperson Promotion Review Board, Wing Chairperson Membership Board.

Lt Col Rivera completed Level IV of the Education & Training Program earning the Paul E. Garber Award in 2008. He holds Master Ratings in Cadet Programs, Aerospace, Education & Training, Command, Personnel, Administration and Information Technology, Senior Rating in Inspector General and Technician rating in Logistics, Emergency Services, and Finance specialty tracks. He has also served Commander, Director, & Instructor at SLS, CLC, TLC, UCC, RCLS, Summer Encampments and PR Wing Conferences. He holds a CAP Observer Rating

His decorations include the Exceptional Services Award, with three bronze claps, Meritorious Services Award with one bronze clasp, Commander’s Commendation Award, Region Level, with one bronze star, Commander’s Commendation, Wing level, with one silver clasp and two bronze clasps, Achievement Award with one silver clasp and two bronze clasp. 

He currently serves as Customer Counter Clerk in the United Parcel Service (UPS), an American company that transports packages. It is the largest package delivery company in the world. He and his wife, Leyna Liz Huertas Ortiz, have one child.

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